In search of Oscar Wilde

After a long silence on my part, I’m back again. I was searching for Oscar Wilde. I didn’t have time to write. But now with the looong break (2 weeks) from uni almost over (just in time for Easter – in two weeks?!) and having returned from good old England, I should make a new entry before it’s too late. After all, I only have two more months left here. Which is strange. Time actually does fly by. Before the break I thought, well, after the break it’ll be different. There will still be enough time to do the things I want to do. But now it’s almost after the break and I’m standing at the edge of my erasmus time. Almost over. Ireland, it’s been nice but I am about to leave you again. SORRY. Can’t stay. Am needed elsewhere.

So today I decided to catch up with some things I meant to do a long time ago. I went back to the Gothic Cathedral of St. Patrick and made my way to Marsh’s library, the oldest public library in Ireland. I wanted to go there since almost the beginning of my time here, but once I got lost there and then I just kept postponing it. One thing, you should know about me – I’m not very good with directions. I tend to get lost. I tend to forget the ever-so-helpful map. Both things apply to today. However, I still found my way. I think because I looked up the whereabouts of the library yesterday. Then I forgot the map. No bother, I thought, I’m much better acquainted with Dublin city at this point than I used to be. This is due to my parents’ recent visit and my eager preparations of appearing as an expert guide of the city. After all, Dublin is not a big city. At least this is what I have been told many times. I’m still not totally convinced of it. I like Dublin a lot but it still confuses me and I still get lost. Don’t tell anybody. Anyway, I successfully made my way to the library today, which was not that difficult I have to admit. It’s right around the corner of St. Patrick’s Cathedral in a street ironically called “St. Patrick’s Close”(so it’s really close!). Last time I simply overlooked that street because it seemed so very insignificant to me. Big mistake. This time I found it alright and it turned out to be a sweet little library with really old books which I wasn’t allowed to take pictures of. But the front door man told me nice stories of James Joyce studying there – once – and I could look into those books he might have intensely studied – once – as they were displayed behind secured glass.

It was wonderful Sonnenschein today and I took a stroll across St. Patrick’s Park. There I was reminded of Oscar Wilde, as there is a “literary parade” paying tribute to all the great writers of Ireland. Haha. Well, James Joyce was there and Gullivers Travels’ writer Jonathan Swift (who also worked as dean of the cathedral – before he went mad, that is) and a few others I don’t know (apart from the great poet W.B. Yeats, obviously). But then I came across dear old Oscar. Oscar Wilde was looking down at me and I remembered I still hadn’t seen his famous statue in one of the parks. And then I remembered the free walking tour I did just this week and that the tour guide had said that Oscar was leisurely lying in Merrion Square. She had told us it was her favourite statue in Dublin city (or the whole world?) and I remember thinking that I still hadn’t managed to see it. So I decided to go there today.

I remembered Merrion Square to be real close to St. Stephen’s Green because I got lost there once, too. I got lost there while thinking Merrion Square was Stephen’s Green Park. It all looks the same to me. Or rather, it did look the same to me before I knew it. Because I got lost there once by the time the park was already locked up and I couldn’t really see anything. Today it was still daylight (beautiful daylight! Sonnenschein!) and I could actually enter it! However, as I had forgotten my map, I couldn’t know where dear Oscar would be lying around. I had to explore the park. You should know I’m quite familiar with St. Stephen’s Green because that park is quite central, whereas Merrion Square is not. It was a first for me to enter this little Georgian (!) park. Believe it, or not, I got lost. I couldn’t find Oscar, as I desperately went to all four different directions. The sunbathing people must have thought me crazy, as I kept going back to where I came from, thinking I might have missed Oscar. I swear he was hiding from me! Finally, when I was on the point of giving up and just about to quit this hideous park, I found him lingering on a big rock. As if mocking me. Well, it was the true Oscar and I was happy to finally greet him.


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