The last month

The last 4 weeks in Ireland lie before me and I’m starting to panic (not literally). Although I finally managed to do all three things mentioned in my last post (visit Bray, go to Phoenix Park and eat the best Fish & Chips in town), there is still lots of stuff left on the imaginary list in my head (if I can remember it correctly). Let’s be clear, I’m not one of those people that make a real list of the things they want to do before they die (or turn 30 or leave Ireland or whatever). I’m rather a spontaneous person. Either I’ll make it to Dingle in this last month or I won’t. I might not but that’s not a total disaster. I know I will go there someday. Or not. But if I won’t, there will be a very good reason for it. I could be needed elsewhere for example. Then again I love these little surprising thoughts of remembering something I long wanted to do and then realising that there is just the opportunity to actually do it! Like last week when my friends decided to go to Phoenix Park and I joined them. I know I made a small list about what I wanted to do before I left but it was pure chance that I did manage everything! I still haven’t seen so many things I once thought of. I still want to go to the zoo in Phoenix Park, see the deer in Phoenix Park, visit the grand house of Phoenix Park. And this is only connected to the Phoenix Park (where I’ve been already!). What about all things James Joyce? I want to visit the James Joyce Centre, listen to a reading at Sweny’s, be here for Bloomsday(which I won’t be able to), stay in Bloom’s Hotel (haha), finish Dubliners, let alone read more than twenty pages of Ulysses. But to be honest, this is not really my no.1 priority, as you can tell from my so far unsuccessful reading of Joyce’s works. I’d rather meet Colm Tóibín. Which I probably won’t. He’s not going to be at the International Literature Festival in May. But I will. One thing that wasn’t on the imaginary list. There you go.

Oh, I almost forgot! College is officially over! Last Friday was the last day of term. I went to the last Filmabend with free pizza thrown by the German Society, wrote my last piece for my creative writing class, saw the last movie in UCD’s cinema shown by the film society, took one last trip with the International Students’ Society (to the historical Newgrange and the cozy Causey Farm), got my last Irish lesson and had my last Victorian literature lecture in UCD. This is all very sad, but it is also a most beautiful ending. What’s left, is my one essay and the dreaded exams. Then I’ll meet the author Jo Baker and maybe visit Cork before I go home. Berlin is waiting.