Did you miss me?

I’m back in good old Germany and I have thought about continuing this blog when I’m home and if there was any sense in it – but after all, this blog is about my life as a student and I’m still going to be a student for at least another three years! Well, I don’t know if I will stick with this blog for another 3ys but I’m not ready to give it up yet either. So here we go.

Destiny has it that I’m in Berlin now. Another big(ger than Dublin!!) city, another capital of a country – not to mention my home country. I’m here for two months doing an internship. I think this is good for me as it means that I can slowly re-adapt to my home. What I mean is that Berlin is an international, vibrant city with plenty of things to do. No chance to miss Dublin. So you would think at least. Of course I miss Dublin’s fair city already. I miss Temple Bar with its ever-so-drunken tourists and annoying live music. I miss Trinity College with its long room of old books. I miss the sight of Molly Malone. I miss the Spire (the longest needle of Dublin) reaching from the commercial ground into the endless sky. I miss O’Connell standing right at the beginning of the street with a pigeon on his head. I miss The Gate Theatre, I miss Dame Street, I miss UCD, I miss Stephen’s Green, I miss the Savoy cinema, I miss the Ha’penny Bridge, I miss the bestest book shop called Chapters, I miss Rathmines, I miss Rathgar, I miss the sea, I miss the shrieking seagulls, I miss Irish. Did I say Berlin was in a good position to get me back to normal? Well, it does somehow. I still hear English everywhere. Maybe not as much as I used to, but it’s better than nothing. Like I said, Berlin is very much an international city. Sooner or later you come across English-speakers. I get asked for the way a lot. I’m always happy to use my beautiful English, even if I don’t know the way. I’m joking, I always know the way I’m almost a Berliner by now. A Berlinerin I should say. I even have this awesome app which tells me which U-Bahn, Tram, S-Bahn or Bus I can take. That’s right, there is efficient public transport here in Berlin! Something most Dubliners have never heard of. Poor Dublin. That was definitely one thing that made me feel annoyed constantly. The bus service in Dublin sucks. I don’t miss Bus Átha Cliath, sorry. Maybe because in my heart I’m still German. I like to be on time and I like to be informed about delays. I don’t like to hang around a bus station without a clue when the bus will arrive. But even there I found a technique how to not get pissed: Just take out your book and distract yourself. I know I’m the first person to think of that. Now I’m reading in the moving vehicle instead. Much better. I avoid buses. Which is not a difficult thing in a city with three other public services. Anyway, enough of this. Feierabend. Until next time.


It’s time to think about the end of term

It’s time to think about my last few weeks here in Ireland and how I want to spend them. My flight is booked, my exam dates are set and my Irish teacher announced today we’ll only do revision in our next (and last) sessions. Whaaat??? I need to start thinking about what’s still left for me to do here and which of it is realistic to acchieve. I still want to go see Bray, take a stroll in Pheonix Park (and maybe take a look at the zoo animals there) and have the best fish & chips in town(forgotten the name of the place, but I do know it’s real close to Christchurch – keine Schleichwerbung hier!). Okay, these things are quite realistic and manageable. In fact, I might manage to perform all three things this week.
More unrealistic are the travel plans I made a long time ago. So to say, I meant to see all of Ireland. I wanted to see places like Killarney, Cork, Dingle, and Limerick. So far, I’ve seen Galway, Kilkenny and Belfast. Pathetic, I know. But fear not, I will conquer this.
Let’s have a short introduction into Ireland’s geography, so we can all see more clearly (including me).
There are four so-called provinces which consist of 32 counties in total. The four provinces are called Connaught (Connacht), Leinster (Laighin), Munster (an Mhumhain) and Ulster (Ulaidh). Just to be clear, the names in brackets are the Irish ones. I live in Dublin (and visited Kilkenny), therefore I am in Leinster and I’m la(u)ighin(g). I went to Galway a few times (maybe twice?) and was then in the beautiful province of Connaught. There you can find places like the magical Connemara . Without my knowledge I’ve already been in Munster (MONSTER!) and saw The Burren. Quite groovy there! The scary Cliffs of Moher (which I’ve also climbed twice already) are also to be found in Munster, but most importantly Kerry is waiting for me there. Now, last but not least (I hate this phrase!), the divided Ulster. The right(wrong?) part of Ulster doesn’t belong to Ireland(the Republic), but to the lovely UK. I went there when I visited Belfast just before Christmas. However, the other (left) part belongs to the old (young?) Republic and I read that it’s got the richest landscape. I can’t support that statement yet – but I’m sure it’s at least almost true.
Like I said, I won’t possibly make it to see everything I meant to, but if I won’t, all the more reason for me to come back! Maybe for a long vacation without having to worry about my studies. And after all, Dublin is already pretty cool. The bookshops make me happy. Molly Mallone makes me smile. The Ha’penny Bridge and O’Connell Street make me walk. St Patrick’s Cathedral and Christchurch make me awe-struck. The National Gallery and Trinity’s Long Room make me feel inspired. There’s a lot to be thankful for.