One week left

It is the 23rd of November and tomorrow will mark the start of week 12, the last week of college this semester. So far, I have read about ten books and 20 poems, I took 7 quizzes and three tests, not to forget I wrote my two essays. I have never done so much reading in such a short time before. My essay about The Italian got a good mark and now I just hope that my research for insincerity (Unaufrichtigkeit) in Mansfield Park will be appreciated as well. But I had to realise that it is not at all easier to write about something you already knew about a lot. Though Mansfield Park is not my favourite book by Jane Austen, I knew it quite well already and therefore I thought I could come up with ideas much quicker. However, of course I had to do the same research for it like I would have had to for any other work. Insincerity is a big issue in Mansfield Park – have you ever heard of Mrs. Norris?? If you don’t know the original, think of the cat – Filch’s cat! – in Harry Potter and you will know her character. JK Rowling is apparently a fan of Jane Austen.
Anyway, during my research I came across the play Lovers’ Vows which is performed within the novel and I found out that it was originally a German play, written by a man named Kotzebue (horrible German name). The original play is called Das Kind der Liebe and seems to have suffered many alterations when transferred into the English version by a Mrs. Inchbald. She basically says it wasn’t suitable for an English audience because the Germans are too direct and don’t know anything about proper behaviour. It had to be softened. I couldn’t get my hands on the original yet, but you can find the English version for free on Amazon. I sincerely recommend it!
Last week I went to see the Musical Society from UCD perform Bonny & Clyde – it was fantastic! They did some good acting and singing!