Back in DUBLIN

Yesterday I took a flight from Berlin Schönefeld back to Dublin. My time in Berlin is over and now I’m back in sweet Dublin. Only just for a few days which is too bad. But it wasn’t possible to stay longer. Anyway, I’m going to seize the day (Carpe diem!) and enjoy the time I have.

When I arrived yesterday, I initially remembered what I’ve missed most about Dublin and what I didn’t miss at all. I’ve missed the cheery people and the signs written in two languages (English & Gaelic). What I didn’t miss was the bus system: So I walk straight to the bus stop in order to take the 16 to Dublin City and what do I see? 18 more minutes before the bus comes! Seriously? In Berlin you would have to wait 5 mins max – no joke! If it’s longer than that because of some construction adjustments it’ll be 8 mins and people (Berliners) will start growling. As you can see, the public service of Germany’s capital is exceptional compared to those of other cities. I mean people are still constantly complaining about it, but that’s because they’re Germans. Germans always complain. I’m not complaining. I took a different bus to the city centre after the first shock. I took the 41 to Lower Abbey Street, even though I couldn’t remember where Abbey Street was – silly me. But what are the friendly bus drivers for? He told me it was going past O’Connell Street – that I remembered! So I took that bus and got to the city centre safely. Safely? Well, I don’t know about that, the bus driver drove like he really wanted to get home as fast as possible. Nonetheless, I felt at home again. I’ve missed you, Dublin!

I also went to a pub last night, even though I was exhausted from all the travelling (2 whole hours of flying!). I didn’t mean to go to a pub, but I wanted to get some fresh air before going to sleep. So I walked through the streets of old Baile Átha Cliath and took a stroll by the river Liffey. Then I decided to take a look at Temple Bar and turned right around when I got there. Way too crowded and way too busy. I walked back towards the hostel and stopped at a house where I could hear some good tunes. Man, I’ve missed having live music all around! I had good fun yesterday and listened to a brilliant musician, also playing one request for me (Travis, of course). Oh and it is true: Guinness does taste so much better in Dublin city than anywhere else! I’m happy to be back!


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